Slumber Party Whodunit Mystery

          Slumber Party Whodunit Mystery by Dramatic Fanatic Add some drama to your sleepover party with A Slumber Party Mystery from Dramatic Fanatic!   This whodunit mystery […]

Peter Pan Birthday Party Ideas

Peter Pan Birthday Party Ideas Ideas for a Peter Pan themed birthday party have been added to the Birthday Party Ideas 4 Kids website.  Fun birthday ideas for Peter Pan themed games, […]

Birthday Thanking Tips (for kids and their parents)

Birthday Thanking Tips (for kids and their parents) Being grateful and classy can also be . . . fun! Okay, there’s a kid’s birthday in your house. It’s a special […]

Make A December Birthday Special

How to Make a December Birthday Special Making a Birthday special when it falls in December and especially near Christmas can be a challenge.  Here are a few hints and tips from […]

Homemade Spa Recipes for Sleepovers and Spa Birthday Parties

Just added to our website: Homemade Spa Recipes Perfect for Sleepovers and Spa Birthday Party Themes for kids, tweens and teens. We’ve listed our favorite spa treatments, facials, masks, bath […]