Birthday Party Theme Ideas

One of the very first things to do after setting the party date is to decide on the theme of the birthday party.    The theme will weave itself through the party (invitations, goody bags, party games, party favors) so deciding early is important.
Kids Party Themes     Tween Party Themes
There are many ways to choose a birthday party theme.  Themes can come from:
A childs favorite character – Barney, Dora, Hannah Montana, Spiderman

A childs favorite toy or interest – dinosaurs, princess, sports, cowboys/cowgirls, cars

A place or setting you want to create – beach, luau, pirate island, sports team, jungle

A child’s favorite colors – choose two or three of the birthday childs favorite colors and  decorate with only those colors. ( pink/green,  blue/orange,  red/white,  blue/silver ).  Your colors can be based on a holiday or favorite sports team.

One color – Or choose just one color and have everything done up in shades of that color.  In the invitation ask guests to dress in that color to add to the fun.

Once the theme is set then invitations, decorations, games, food, goody bags and party favors can be chosen.

For more great themes for kids, tweens and teens –

Invitations are next!

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Birthday Party Ideas for boys and girls, tweens, teens and everyone inbetween!

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