Funky Flip – Flops – Great Craft for Parties

Need a great craft for birthday parties, slumber parties, end of the year parties or anything in between? How about making some funky flip – flops.  Girls of all ages love them … kids, tweens or teens!  They are easy and inexpensive to make.  The perfect summer craft and party favor rolled into one.

1.  Buy cheap solid color flip flops.  Buy cotton fabric (or use fabric scraps) in different shades and patterns that blend well together.  For each pair of flip flops you will need approximately 1/4 of a yard of combined material.  (We have also made these using old t-shirts).

2.  Cut strips of fabric approximately 1″ wide x 8″ long.  For younger kids cut the strips 5/8″ wide and 6″ long.  You’ll need about 35 strips per flip – flop … 70 for the pair.

3.  Place a fabric strip underneath the top part of the flipflop and bring the two edges together so they are even.  Tie the fabric onto the top of the flip flops and then knot it one time.  Tug the strips so the two pieces fall forward – toward the front of the flipflop.  Repeat until the entire top of the flip – flops are covered.

My daughter made these because her school colors are black and red.  Make yours with bright yellows, reds, aquas and greens – or any color that matches your theme.

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Send in pictures of the funky flip-flops you made and we’ll include them on the website!

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8 thoughts on “Funky Flip – Flops – Great Craft for Parties


  2. Oh thank you somuch for these directions. i caouldn’t find tehm anywhere! I love these so much. At my nince’s party we made them the girls had so much fun. i even made my selfa pair! they rock. you can make them for any occasion, i have football, baseball, pink and purpl pairs. they are great for any occasion.!

  3. i have seen my friends with flpiflops like this and i kept askng her how shw made them because i always wanted a peae.

  4. thnks so much for the idea i am turning 14 very soon and i needed some craft ideas, these are very popular at my school but they won’t tell me how to make them. i am sure i will have alot of fun making these 😀

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