Fun Outdoor Games for the Birthday Party is a lifesaver for birthday parties.  Lots and lots of fun games – all complete with rules, directions and how to set up the games.  We found old favorites like dodgeball, horseshoes and foursquare along with some new favorites such as SPUD and rattlesnake tag.

These are perfect games to have on hand for a birthday party … and also to bookmark for the summer months ahead when the kids need something to do.   Get the kids active and moving while having fun!

They also have classics like jump rope rhymes and how to play jacks.  Remember “pigs in the pigpen” and “double bouncies”?  Great ideas to refresh your memory and introduce the classics we played as children to our children.

Incorporating these fun games into a birthday party theme would be fun for the kids and make party planning easy!

Thinking about a bounce house for your next party?   What you need to know before you rent a bounce house.  

Fun birthday party ideas for kids, tweens and teen parties.


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