Cheerleading Theme – Birthday Party Ideas

Cheerleading theme is a wonderful idea for children’s birthday parties.  

Cheerleading appeals to girls of all ages.  This theme is also fun for a first birthday party theme – dress the birthday girl in a cheerleader outfit and hand out big foam hands ( that say #1 and you see at sporting events) to the guests for party favors.    

The Cheerleading theme is also a great compliment to a sports theme for boys if planning for a brother/sister or twins birthday party.

The Cheerleading theme has been redone on the Birthday Party Ideas 4 Kids website and we have included detailed free information for all these planning steps:   

Party Favors
Goody / Loot Bags

You don’t have to spend a lot to have a great party.  Use these free ideas to make the party special for the birthday child and memorable for all the guests.

What are your favorite Cheerleading theme games and ideas?

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  1. Our oldest daughter made the cheer squad this year so she’s having a cheerleading party this year. We got Cheerleading party supplies at Thanks for the great blog!

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