Fireman / Firetruck Birthday Party Theme

We’ve just added a full page of ideas for a fireman / firetruck birthday party on the website.  Lots of fun ideas including decorations, games, activities and invitations.  Free and simple ideas that will make your firetruck / fireman party unique and special. 

We also have pages of fun birthday party games, birthday theme ideas, goody bag suggestions and more!

One thought on “Fireman / Firetruck Birthday Party Theme

  1. Just an idea… There are many companies that bring real fire trucks to birthday parties. My husband and I own Old Cracker Fire Company ( and we bring a real, full size fire truck to the birthday party for the kids to play on, squirt water, blow the siren and play with the horn. It’s a great addition and our packages start at $125. Call your local fire station or google fire truck rentals in your area to see if you have a company like ours in your neighborhood!

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