Neighborhood Scavenger Hunt Ideas and Lists

Neighborhood Scavenger Hunt

The neighborhood scavenger hunt is a great activity for a birthday party, church event or sleepover.  There is nothing to buy for this game and very little to set up.   The rewards, however, are abundant – lifetime memories. 

To set up a neighborhood scavenger hunt first choose a list of items that the teams will search for.  Try to think of obscure items that can also be fairly common.  Items such as a pink crayon, ramon noodles, or a 1976 penny are all quirky and fun to search for.   The neighbors that answer the door to help with the search will have just as much fun as the kids trying to come up with an item for them to take.  

If you need help coming up with a list of scavenger hunt items visit our website where we have 2 different lists with 20 items each that you can print out for free.  These are the lists that we and our friends and neighbors have used over and over.  Keep them the same or add your own ideas.  Free scavenger hunt lists

After you have your scavenger hunt lists seperate the players into 2 teams.  Adults should always be with each group at all times for safety.  We usually have both teams each take a side of the street – one team takes odd numbers and the other even number houses. 

To crown the winners you can either set up a time limit or make it the first team done with their list.

Time Limit:  Set up a time limit of about 1 hour – the team has to be back to the start within that time limit or there is a 1 item penalty for every minute they go over.  This works well if you want everyone back to the house to serve ice cream and cake and open presents before it’s time to send the kids home.  The team with the most items wins.

Don’t come back til your done: Tell the teams to find every item on their list.  Then when they are done they can rush back to the house.  If they get their first then they are the winner.  

We are always looking for more fun items to put on our scavenger hunt list.  If you have some ideas leave a comment and we will add it to the website.

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