Birthday Party Ideas

Fun Birthday Party Ideas

Birthday party ideas for all ages.  From the special 1st birthday to the teen years – Birthday Party Ideas  4 Kids has the party planning help you need.   All the ideas are free – nothing to buy ever. 

Loaded with ideas from parents around the nation – tested birthday party ideas that are easy, inexpensive and kids love them.  Every page is filled with ideas that party planners can use – mix and match to make the perfect birthday party.

Our site has ideas for:

1st birthday party activities
Party Themes – over 30 different themes complete with ideas for decorations, invitations, games, activities, food, party favors and goody bags.
Party Games – Lots of fun games for kids of all ages.  Browse through our main game page, or select your child’s age and find appropriate games just for that age. 
Birthday Activities – Fun things to do at birthday parties to keep kids involved and having fun.
Icebreakers – great for parties where not everyone knows each other – breaks the ice and gets the party started!
Sleepover Guide – Our sleepover guide has everything you’ll need for the next slumber party at your house.  Invitations, games, activities, food and much more!   Free truth or dare printouts (clean and rated G questions and dares).  We even have a page dedicated to homemade spa treatments that are easy to make with common ingredients.

Tween Party Ideas
We didn’t forget the tween age group – 9, 10, 11 and 12.  Lots of fun ideas for making their party extra special.   Lots of fun ideas, games,  and activities. 

Mall Scavenger Hunts – these are a big hit with girls and boys alike.  Meet at the Mall and have teams search for different items.  We’ve come up with 8 different mall scavenger hunts sure to please.  Some require no money at all to play.  Try our Freebie Mall Shopping Spree complete with a free printable list of 40 FREE things you can find at the mall. 

Neighborhood Scavenger Hunts – Fun for all ages.  2 different lists of 20 items to find in your neighborhood.  Free to print out.

Invitation ideas and etiquette.  Need to know how to fill out the invitation or get around a sticky situation?  We’ve got you covered with our invitation advice.

We are always looking for new ideas.  Stop by and share your advice and fun party plans!

3 thoughts on “Birthday Party Ideas

  1. I vote for including a hunt! EVERYONE loves a treasure hunt. For fun party game hunt ideas galore, give “Trasure Hunt: A book of Clues for Parties” a look. You will everything you need for all kinds of hunts. This book will help you make the important events in your life/lives more intresting and fun. And most importantly, after the fun, of course, you’ll be making memories that will last a lifetime. My kids have LOVED the hunts I’ve done over the years. And now, thanks to this book, the hunts and clues will keep on coming.

  2. Oh I love scavenger hunts! Reminds me of the book, “Treasure Hunt-A Book of Clues for Parties,” by Nancy Kruse- great book with great ideas. I love your ideas also.

  3. Thanks for the opportunity to share party ideas. People are always looking for new ideas for making their party more fun. A Treasure Hunt is an adventure that everyone loves. Why just hand someone gifts when you can have so much more fun making them find them with clues. The book at is for adult gift giving occasions too. Check it out.

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