Birthday Party Icebreaker Games

A fun way to begin a birthday party is with an Icebreaker Party Game.

An Icebreaker game is one that gets the party started and “breaks the ice” – allowing everyone to get to know each others names and have some laughs.  These are especially good to have when you are inviting people who don’t all know each other.  It allows guests to interact so that when the party begins they are all comfortable with each other and have shared a few laughs.

Icebreakers are also great to start the party with because it gives the guests something to do while waiting on the other guests to arrive.   There is always about 10 – 15 minutes of time to fill at the beginning of a birthday party.  Icebreaker games will take that awkward time and turn it into something fun.

At the Birthday Party Ideas 4 Kids website we have a whole page of fun and unique Icebreakers for birthday parties.  They have all been tested and approved – both by kids and moms!

More fun party games for boys and girls, kids tweens and teens.

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