Sumo Wrestling Party

Sumo Wrestling Party
Looking for a party idea that is as unique as it is fun?  You need a Sumo Wrestling party.  Drop a couple of kids in Sumo suits and turn them loose!  They’ll have a blast trying to waddle around in the over-sized Sumo suits trying to knock each other over. 

Sumo Wrestling parties are great for teens and older.  Even those that are not inclined to participate will never forget the time they got watch their friends and family romp around in Sumo suits.   There’s nothing more comical than watching your friends bumping into each other in their Sumo suits.  Just make sure you have your camera ready because this will be a moment you will not want to forget! 

Now you just can’t pick up Sumo Wrestling sets at your local party store.  They can also be quite expensive, so instead of buying them, check with a local party rental company.  You’ll also want to make sure that the company you are renting from uses all the safety devices available to them so that your party ends as great as it starts. 

We recommend using a company that uses the Sumo Safety Arena ( such as this high quality company Solid Rock Sports (  By using the Sumo Safety Arena, you’ll be sure that your guests fall safely into an inflated safety barrier.  One additional benefit is that it makes it much easier to get the particiapants back on their feet for more fun!  Often companies like Solid Rock Sports ( will provide a referee or two to help facilitate and maintain a safe and memorable night with tons of laughter.    If you are in the Ohio area contact these venders for the Sumo Safety Arena: 

 Sumo Safety Arena
 Stow, Ohio

Solid Rock Sports
Akron, Ohio

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