Memorial Day Games and Activities

Memorial Day Games and Activities

Spend time with family this Memorial Day Weekend and try out some of these fun family games in the backyard, park or where ever you decide to celebrate.

Nature Scavenger Hunt – Perfect for the park or while you are camping.  Print out the free scavenger hunt list  filled with 25 things to find in nature.  Instructions are included.  Nature Scavenger Hunt

Camping Party Ideas –  Camping themed party ideas filled with fun games and activities.  How to play Flashlight tag, rattlesnake tag and have a candy scavenger hunt are included.  Fun, free do – it – yourself ideas for some family fun while you are camping in the woods or the backyard.

Neighborhood Scavenger Hunt – Have a neighborhood scavenger hunt with the whole family!  Two different items lists are available to print out at no cost.  Send teams out to see who can find the most items on their list the fastest.  Add some patriotic items to the lists for Memorial Day such as: a flag, eagle, star, anchor, ship, plane, plastic army man, something made in the USA, and a  picture of an armed services medal.

Horseshoes – Play a game of horseshoes in the park or backyard.   Full instructions and directions on how to set up the game and scoring.

More fun games for kids to play at parties.  Games are listed by age ranges and also all together to pick and choose what works best for your group.

Have a great Memorial Day Weekend!

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