Summertime Games – Sidewalk Chalk, Pool and Water Balloon Games

Summer Time Games – Sidewalk Chalk, Pool, Bubbles and Water Balloon Games

What could be more fun and easy for summer than sidewalk chalk, water balloons, bubbles and a pool to keep kids cool and active?  Some great games to play with the sidewalk chalk, water balloons and pool!  We’ve listed all the best summertime games and activities for kids to play with their friends and at parties this summer.

Water Balloon Games – Over 50 games and activities to play with water balloons.  Something for everyone and every age!

Sidewalk Chalk Games and Activities – Over 30 games and activities to play with sidewalk chalk.  Great for kids of all ages.

Swimming Pool Games – Fun pool games for kids to play with their friends or at a swimming pool party.

Bubble Games – Great games and activities to play using bottles of bubbles.  Homemade bubble recipes too!

Print out these fun summertime ideas and keep on index cards to pull out next time the kids say they are bored this summer.  Perfect for July 4th parties too!

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