Puppy and Kitty Party Ideas

Puppy and Kitty Party Ideas

Puppies and kittens are a great combination and we’ve put them together into a great birthday party theme just for kids – Puppy and Kitty party ideas!

Fun ideas for a Puppy and Kitty birthday party.  This is a great party theme for twins, siblings or any kid who loves animals!   Ideas for invitations, decorations, party games, activities, food, party favors and more.

We’ve even included a free Animal Shelter Scavenger Hunt list and ideas to use to help the puppies and kittens in your local animal shelter.  Ask party guests to bring an item with them to the party to donate to the shelter or have more fun and take the list around the neighborhood to collect items for your local animal shelter.   Then if you have time take the kids and the items to the shelter and let the kids see the animals they are helping.

The Puppy and Kitty party theme page also includes great party games like:
Mouse and bone treasure hunt
Kitty litter relay
Puppy dig and many more!

Fun birthday party ideas that will make the party extra special for your dog and cat lover!

We also have over 140 different children’s themed birthday parties on the website.  Each page contains lots of great ideas that you can mix and match the best ideas for your child.  Scavenger hunt lists, party games, activities, party food ideas and much more!

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