Informational Mall Scavenger Hunt

Informational Mall Scavenger Hunt

What’s more fun for kids, tweens and teens than shopping and being at the mall?  Being there for a party with all of their friends!

We’ve created a great birthday party game and activity all rolled up into one and the best part … it’s FREE!

In this crazy mall scavenger hunt the players are broken up into two or more teams and sent to search for the answers to the questions on their scavenger hunt list.   There are no items to buy, the players only have to find the answers to the questions about the mall.

Before the party you will need to visit the mall and do some research.  Our free Informational Mall Scavenger Hunt list has over 40 fun pieces of information that you can collect about your mall – use this list as a guideline to find the things in your mall.   Make up lists of the same questions – in different orders – for each team.   Set a time limit ( an hour or an hour and a half is usually enough time) and then have them return to the meeting place within that time frame.  Teams who are late get points deducted from their score.

Have the meeting place be in the food court or a mall restaurant so you can eat together while sharing stories about the hunt and calculating scores to see who won.

Some sample questions from our birthday party ideas website are:

How many benches on the upper floor?

How many mannequins are in the windows of the stores on the first floor?

How many blue pairs of shoes does _____________ (name of a shoe store) have in their window?

What direction does the main Mall entrance face?

How did the Mall get it’s name?

See our birthday party website to print out the whole list of 40 fun information questions for your next party!

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