Fun Birthday Party Games from Big Little Games

BIG Birthday Fun for a LITTLE Price

Looking for affordable gift ideas or birthday party games to keep kids entertained? Patch Products has a new line of Big Little Games™, each under $10 and packed full of fun! Their price makes them easily affordable, and their play value makes them a favorite of kids!

An Easy & Excellent Birthday Gift

  • For under $10, you get a fun skill-and-action game that every kid will enjoy. You can give them to all of the kids you know: the neighbor across the street, the kid who sits next to your kid in class, your best friend’s kid, your niece or nephew, even your own kid or grandkid! If you want to spend a little more, add it to a pile of other gifts or buy more than one Big Little Game!
  • Do you need gifts for a variety of age groups? You’re covered with Big Little Games. Spurtle Turtle™ is an adorable matching game for the younger crowd. Press the button on the turtle’s back for the chips to come spurtin’ out! Flingin’ Frogs™ is a fun game for kids of all ages (even fun-loving adults!). Try flipping the colorful frogs onto the lily pad levels to score points. Another great game for a wide array of ages is Super Shooter Basketball™. Demonstrate your mad skills by launching balls into the hoop!
  • What’s one thing about toys that makes them difficult to give as gifts? Wrapping them! If you don’t have an appropriately sized, appropriately colored gift bag lying around, you can be in for a treat trying to wrap some of those oddly shaped boxes or half-open packaging. Fortunately, Big Little Games come in nice, neat rectangular boxes. So easy to wrap, you’ll almost feel cheated out of some drama in your life.
  • With the low price of these games, you can even stock up and have a few on hand for any last minute birthday gift needs! If you ever run out of time to shop or misplace an invitation and have the party sneak up on you, you’ll be prepared!

Party Time Games

  • Planning some organized activities or games for during the birthday party is a great idea. Keeping kids occupied prevents potential boredom or misbehavior! The Big Little Games make great party time games! Create a tournament-style game for Flingin’ Frogs or Super Shooter Basketball, or buy several games so small groups can play at the same time. Spurtle Turtle is perfect for the smaller kids to play at preschool parties or older siblings’ parties!
  • Rules shmools! You can also use the games as toys and let kids play with them in their own ways! Who can fling their frog the farthest? Who can shoot a basket from farthest away or from behind the net? Fling or shoot into cups for different prizes…there are bunches of possibilities!
  • The turtle, frog or basketball game can also coordinate well with birthday party themes: turtles work well with “sea” themes; frogs work with “sea” as well, and even jungle-type themes; and the Super Shooter suits sport themes, of course.


Big Little Games definitely offer a variety of solutions to birthday party needs. Find them at or call Patch Products at 1-800-524-4263 to find a local retailer. Happy birthday partying!

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