RSVP Help / How to Get Guests to Respond to Your Party Invitation


How to Get Guests to Respond to Your Party Invitation

We’ve all been there … the invitations have been sent and the waiting begins to see if anyone will respond to the RSVP on the invitation.

It is always good manners to respond to an invitation, but alot of people don’t have good manners, or they forget, or they think only if they are coming/no coming to the party (the opposite of what they are actually doing) do they need to respond.

You’ve planned for 10 kids to attend, but what if there are only 5 that actually show up?   How will it change the amount of food you need, party favors and how you set up the party games?   And what if a guest shows up with a brother or sister that wants to attend the party? (This one has happened to me several times!)

There are certain ways that you can word your invitation that will almost guarentee that parents will respond.   Along with the RSVP help we’ve also included help on sticky party situations like:

How do you ask guests to pay at a venue?

How to avoid parents staying / not staying for the party?

How to make sure siblings don’t tag along to the party?

And many more!

It’s all on the website … FREE help!

RSVP and Invitation Help

What crazy party situations have you run in to with guests?

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