Would You Rather Party Game

Would You Rather Game

The Would You Rather Game is a fun party game that is easy to play and needs no special items to play.  It can be played as a group or as individuals.

The object of the Would You Rather game is for the player to decide which of two questions they would rather do.   Some questions are silly and some are thought provoking … but all of the questions are fun and create lots of laughter with the players.

Would You Rather can be played as a large group or questions can be read and answered one at a time.  This is a great ice breaker game for large groups and great at Sleepovers!

We’ve listed over 200 Would You Rather questions on the Birthday Party Ideas 4 Kids website!  All of the questions are clean and rated G – perfect for girls, boys, kids, tweens and teen parties.

We’ve even included a printer friendly version so you can print out the questions for FREE.  Cut the questions into individual strips, fold and place in a jar or container for your next party.   Lots of fun variety and with over 200 different questions party guests will have many chances to answer.

Would You Rather Game

Here are a few sample questions …

Would You Rather:

Have frosting for hair or birthday candles for teeth?

Have your parents pick who you marry or be single forever?

Give up your favorite pet or your cell phone?

Constantly itch or sneeze?

Be guaranteed health or wealth for the rest of your life?

Speak in rhymes or have to sing everything you say?

Have worms for hair or noodles or arms?

Birthday Party Ideas 4 Kids …. let’s get the party started!

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