8 Mall Scavenger Hunts for Tweens and Teens

8 great Mall Scavenger Hunts have  now been posted on the website.  Mall Scavenger Hunts

Included are:
Freebie Mall Shopping Spree
Information Sensation
Salesperson Scramble
A – 2 – Z Shopping Spree
The only ONE
Super Shopper
Ultimate Hunt

Free Mall Scavenger Hunt lists are available to print out for the hunts that require a list.

It took a lot of work – and some shopping – to create these fun scavenger hunts.  They are perfect for tween girls – ages 10 – 12 or teens who want something different and creative to do for their birthday party.

Many require no money at all – there is even a freebie shopping spree which includes a list of 40 free things teams can aquire in the mall – yes, really …. 40!

There is also an informational mall scavenger hunt …. bet you always wanted to know how many booths were in the food court, how many buttons are in the elevator … and many more.

We’ve listed a traditional scavenger hunt that can be played in the mall using video or digital cameras to complete a list of fun tasks.

We would like to add fresh ideas to the Mall Scavenger Hunts – feel free to give any hints, clues, suggestions or comments!

Shop on!

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