16 Sweet Sixteen Songs

16 songs for Sweet Sixteen Birthday Parties.  
The sweet sixteen song lyrics to all of these songs are now listed on the Birthday Party Ideas 4 Kids website. 

You’ll also find fun birthday party themes, teen games and ideas to make the 16th birthday special.
1. Johnny Burnette – You’re Sixteen You’re Beautiful
2. Sam Cooke – She Was Only 16
3. Ronnie Milsap – Happy Happy Birthday Baby
4. Ringo Starr – You’re Sixteen You’re Beautiful …
5. Lenny Gomulka – Happy Birthday Sweet 16
6. The Crests – Sixteen Candles
7. Neil Sedaka – Happy Birthday Sweet 16
8. Hilary Duff – Sweet Sixteen
9. The Jackson 5 – Sixteen Candles
10. Billy Idol – Sweet Sixteen
11. Billy Ray Cyrus – Always Sixteen
12. Connie Stevens – Sixteen Reasons
13. Britney Spears – I’m Not A Girl Not A Woman Yet
14. Jordan Hill – Remember Me This Way
15. Sound of Music – Sixteen going on Seventeen
16. The Beatles – Sweet Little Sixteen

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3 thoughts on “16 Sweet Sixteen Songs

  1. Pretty cool. I’ll let my customer’s know about your sweet 16 songs. I own a store exclusively for the sweet sixteenth birthday called Sweet Sixteen Store.com or http://www.sweetsixteenstore.com and think that they’d be interested in looking at your blog. Maybe we could share links. I could put your link on my blog and you could put my link on yours. That way we could both get more traffic.

  2. There is a new Father/Daughter dance song that has just been released “Sweet 16 (My Everything)” by Who Are Those Guys. If you want to hear it for FREE, go to their website: whoarethoseguys.com

    You really want this song for the dance.

    Hope you enjoy it!!!!

  3. I just listened to this song … OMG!!! My daughter turns 16 in November, and we are having a “Dance Party” with a heated tent in the backyard. This song is perfect!!!!!! I am bawling as I write this. Thanks so much for your suggestion!

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