Sleepover and Slumber Party Games, Activities and Ideas

Fun Sleepover and Slumber Party Ideas

Just added to the Birthday Party Ideas  website – The Sleepover / Slumber Party Guide.

Filled with crazy sleepover games, fun activities and cool ideas for the perfect slumber party.

Fun Sleepover Ideas
Games, Crafts, Activities, Invitation and Food Ideas

Slumber Party Games
Over 23 different and fun games to play at a sleepover.  With all these sleepover games you and your friends will never be bored!  Makeover games, team games and lots more.
New sleepover games just added! 

Free Truth or Dare Questions
Free truth and dare questions to print out.  Rated G and fun for everyone!

Funky Flip-Flops to make at your sleepover party.

Homemade Spa Recipes to make at your sleepover / slumber party.

You can find all of these pajama party ideas plus  fun games, activities, tips and advice on how to throw a great slumber party on the Birthday Party Ideas 4 Kids website.

Also see our whole page of girls party games … for girls only!

What are your favorite sleepover ideas?  Post them here and we’ll put them on the website.

Sleepover Ideas

Find more fun birthday party ideas, party games, scavenger hunts, Mall scavenger hunts, activities and crafts on our website.

76 thoughts on “Sleepover and Slumber Party Games, Activities and Ideas

  1. Thanks for the great ideas! Your site has a lot of fun things to do to keep girls busy and happy!!

    1. Here are some other ideas as well.

      1. have a popcorn bar,chocolate fountain,or just random snacks

      2. a game called pigley wiggley align several sleeping bags in a circle then one person (it) goes into another room,then everone gets into a sleeping bag that’s not theres and when “it” comes back in “it” sits on top of a person in the sleeping bag and say pigley wiggley while the
      person inside says “oink oink!” Then “it” tries to guess who that person inside is if “it” guesses who it is then the person they guessed is now “it”.
      ps, it’s so fun!!!

      1. I am haveing a 10th Birthday party with only like 6 people and i am going to play musical sleeping bages. Like musical sleeping chairs but sleeping bages ;0 😉 :0 🙂

  2. My birthday is in january so i cant have any swimming parties or anything. does anyone have any ideas for me?????

    1. i had a awesome sleepover in december! and i live in canada!!! i did makeovers, one scary-ish movie the other comedy, then my friends picked the others. we did mud masks, a fashion show and a dance-off!!

      1. Great mate
        I had a sleepover with two of my best friends and we had an awesome time

        we took photos of eachother ( silly photos) and put them onto the computer and we made an funny movie!

    2. My birthday is in january too and i usually just go bowling or have a sleepover with 3 other girls in my basement. If you look on google you will find some cool ideas for winter birthdays as well!!

    3. Mzy Birthday is on January 29th and I can’t have a swimming party either but every time I have a party I go to like a resturant for dinner or I just like have a sleepover or A normal party just to hang out with my friends at my house!

      1. Well I’ve got a couple of good games such as…
        1. The donut game: Only if you have a clothes line hand up your donuts with string, hopefully it should be a bit bigger then you! Sounds pretty easy doesn’t it… well you’ve got to grab the donut with your teeth!
        2.Apple Bob: I love this game… grab one bucket and an apple for each person now whoever is going first put there apple in the bucket and fill it with water time how long long it takes to grab it with your teeth whoever wins gets a prize!

        Thank you for reading also do you know the coke and peppermint trick?
        Piper (11)

    4. me and my friends have bowling,movies and resteraunt, just resteraunt, sleepovers, hockey game, and other cool party places 🙂


  3. thanks so much for the truth or dare questions! great idea! it’s a super fun game to play at sleepovers but it’s hard to think of good questions!

  4. i tried some of the facials – the honey lemon sugar scrub really works! i still use it once or twice a week 😀

  5. going to a bday party tonite cant wait lol xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx my mates are so nice to me but somtimes we fight sometimes we dont and i love them as mates from abbie xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  6. I really liked your idea’s. I thought they were very good and interesting, i will diffanitley use these some games at my pary. xo

  7. Wow. This website seems pretty cool. It gave me some pretty good ideas and I hope it gives other people good ideas too! I think I’m going to try the Sensitive Skin Cucumber Mask and the M&M Game. I’m also going to watch some fun movies and fake nails!!! MY SLEEPOVER WILL BE THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

  8. you could…
    have a fashion show
    dance off
    do hair
    do make up
    do nails
    play burglar alarm
    play snugglebug
    play piggly wiggle

  9. my birthday is soon… and i have a birthday idea,
    Bag Of Clothes-
    fill a trash bag up with clothes and pretend its hot patato.
    If the music stops and your holding th bag, you have to close your eyes, and reach down in the bag and pick something out randomw. then put it on, Who ever has the most things on wins the game!

  10. I love the idea of putting some cloths in a garbage bag! i also have an idea! its called musical toes. its were you get as many (toe) nail polish and play some music and pass them around. when the music stops every one who has a nail polish paints one of their toes. the person with the wackiest nail polish has the wackiest toe nail polish!

  11. a fun game is everybody puts a command in a box or hat, pass it around and everyone grab one, dont tell anyone what it is and just do it

  12. my birthday is in june the 14th and these ideas are so cool last year i had a french themed party

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