My Kids Registry – Children’s Birthday Wish List, a New Children’s Wish List Social Networking Site Launches

New site provides parents a place to share their kids’ birthday party and holiday wishes with family and friends and much more., a children’s wish list website recently announced its launch. The site is a resourceful and comprehensive tool for parents dedicated to birthdays, birthday parties and holidays. give parents a place to showcase their children’s milestones and special events, allowing them to connect with family and friends through video-sharing, picture sharing, groups, e-invites, weekly feature articles and much more.

Recently, added “MYKID GIVES” to it’s website.  The “MYKID GIVES” page is a list of charities that  My Kids Registry has selected to help raise awareness and support. believes in choices and wanted to give an opportunity to parents and their children to help raise awareness by requesting a donation in lieu of a toy from their guests. Members can simply make note on their einvitation and request a donation be made to one of the charities in place of a toy.  Members are encouraged to save paper and use the einvitation system My Kids Registry provides.

My Kids’s founder, Yvette Segal — a former NYC Fashion Executive for 17 years — decided to make gift giving for children easier. In her research she found several of the gifting websites to be on the cold side of gift giving when it came to kids. While searching for a community dedicated to kids’ birthdays Segal found that a place where parents can connect and showcase their children’s milestones, at the same time utilizing all of the latest online tools was almost non-existent.

The A-HA moment happened around her son’s 3rd birthday.  It was a Superman party and everyone wanted to buy him a superman.  As grateful as Yvette was, she also hated the idea of people spending money and time shopping for a gift that could end up being duplicated.

Segal wanted to create a website that was warm, friendly, fun, secure and inviting for friends and family to view children’s birthday wishes and view their growth each year. As Segal looked over a bridal registry one day, the light bulb went off and was born. is not about an over the top party or a “buy my kids this” mentality, but rather sharing what your kid is wishing for in a polite, friendly way.  It’s overall purpose it to save everyone time and money.  Its free membership is designed to assist parents in planning and shopping for the perfect party.

To learn more or become a member please visit:

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