Famplosion Family Resource – Do Stuff together!

Famplosion is a great new website that was created to be the ultimate Family Resource on the web for families who want to “Do Stuff Together!”   We asked Famplosion to tell our readers more about their great idea and how it came to be.     Famplosion is perfect for birthday party venue ideas!

First of all, a big thank you to everyone at Birthday Party Ideas 4 Kids for the incredible opportunity to share with your readers what “Famplosion” is and how it is constantly at work for you!

Famplosion was birthed in 2007 and yes it came in the form of a vision; a dream if you will. Not bad pizza, just a desire to create a website for parents that is extremely user friendly and enables them to find fun things to do as a family within their community with just a few key strokes. The name “Famplosion” appeared through a divine means within that initial dream and thus an Internet based family resource was born; exploding with exciting and educational opportunities for families to play and serve together.

As you journey through http://www.famplosion.com you will find icons located in the upper right hand corner that will point you exponentially in the direction of summer camps, birthday parties, museums or zoos. We also feature “Spotlights” which include our hot picks for the week. These spotlights will include dates of the events, prices, pictures, descriptions and the ability to “share” the event with your friends or family. Another great tool within the site are the filters we have in place which allow the parent the ability to sort through events based on price, ages of their children and venue type. Now finding fun stuff to do together as never been easier and in today’s economy finding the right event at the right price (free) is of great benefit to families all over the United States. And speaking of the United States, Famplosion is currently serving the areas surrounding San Francisco, Los Angeles, Nashville, Atlanta, New York City, Chicago, Salt Lake City, Thousand Oaks, Brooklyn and Seattle and is constantly seeking ways to add more and more regions to this list.

We are so grateful for the support we currently have for this endeavor and for what’s to come! We are very grateful to those who have or plan to utilize the site and spread the word because our success depends on you, the parent for not only letting other parents know of its value but also contributing to the site. By keeping us informed on what is happening in your area we can all share in the joy of creating the ultimate Family Resource on the web for families who want to “Do Stuff Together!”

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