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Silly Bands are everywhere it seems.  I know my two daughters love them and can’t seem to get enough of the fun shaped bracelets.  The two problems we have with Silly Bands are  where do you store them and how can you organize them?   

While on Twitter the other day I ran across an answer to both of the problems – the Silly Band Book.  

The Silly Band Book would be a great birthday gift for girls.  And it would also be a wonderful party favor to let guests take home with them after the party. 

SillyBandBook™ Arrives!

The first and only storage solution helps kids collect, trade and carry their silly band collections 

CLEVELAND, OHIO – September 30, 2010 – SBB LLC is excited to announce the international launch of the SillyBandBook™, the first customized storage solution for silly band collectors of all ages!  

Owners of silly bands will be immersed in organizing, admiring and easily carrying their band collections in these first-of-a-kind albums.  Measuring only 7”x 6”, the SillyBandBook is designed like a book or album for easy storage and maximum portability.  Each SillyBandBook is made of durable material and can store more than 50 bands each.   

“We’ve been amazed at the level of engagement our kids have with silly bands and have experienced first-hand the need for a solution to store and share their collections,” states Michelle Squires, founder of SBB LLC.  “The SillyBandBook is our answer to the need for a modern-day sticker album for these popular items.”   

Priced at $6.99, the SillyBandBook is no more than most packages of silly bands themselves.  The company suggests purchasing several books to organize bands by color, shape or any category important to the imaginative collector.  

SillyBandBook can be purchased direct from the manufacturer at and select retailers.  Visit the web site to learn more.   

About SBB LLC: 
SBB LLC is the company behind the original and first-ever SillyBandBook™.  Founded in 2010 by Michelle Squires, a mother with three avid band-collecting children, SBB was launched to provide easy organization and sharing solutions.  Today, the SillyBandBook has brought meaning to silly band collections and put smiles on kids’ faces worldwide.   

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