Can’t Wait Cards – Birthday Card Countdown

Can’t Wait Cards
Countdown to a Child’s Birthday!

Can't Wait Cards

Can’t Wait Cards  was developed after the owner wanted to make his Niece’s birthday special … here’s  his story –

Last spring, my niece Francesca’s tenth birthday was approaching and I wanted to do something special.  I thought about it, and created a set of ten cards that ‘counted up’ to her big day.  The first card was mailed about a month before the actual birthday and featured a big “1” on the cover.  Every three days, another card that focused on the next number in the count-up to 10 would go out in the mail. Our niece’s anticipation grew as she checked the mailbox every day. Francesca really enjoyed the cards and sentiments on them. The fact that each card contained dollar bills matching the number didn’t hurt either!

I shared the cards with a few friends in the advertising business and they suggested I make a business out of the idea. I spent the next several months, in fits and starts, doing just that. I diligently searched for artwork, wrote copy for 49 cards and built a web store. My copywriter wife and two teenage boys added their valued thoughts and opinions.  From a lot of love and a little sweat equity, Can’t Wait Cards was born.

The site has been up for a month now and the cards have been very well-received.   Two glowing reviews have helped spur sales.  Grandmas especially have enjoyed sending the cards.  Their grandkids sometimes live far away, and the cards help create a bond in the extended way that they say ‘Happy Birthday, I’m thinking of you!’

I believe Can’t Wait Cards strike the right chord because:

1. Kids love attention on their birthdays

2. Kids love to get mail 

3. Kids love to feel special

4. The giver gets the satisfaction of sending a unique and memorable greeting

I hope that the senders and all the Can’t Wait Kids who receive these cards get as much enjoyment from them as we did creating them!

From Birthday Party Ideas 4 Kids – this is a great idea for children’s birthdays!  Can’t Wait Cards is a wonderful idea for relatives who live a distance from the birthday child.  

For more birthday party ideas see our website!

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