Hansel and Gretel Birthday Party Ideas

Hansel and Gretel Theme Party Ideas

Fun ideas for a Hansel and Gretel themed birthday party

We’ve just added the Hansel and Gretel theme to our long list of over 140 birthday party themes on the Birthday Party Ideas 4 Kids website.  You’ll find all the best party ideas on one page so you can pick and choose what works best with your child’s interests and your budget.

The Hansel and Gretel party theme has fun and free ideas for invitations, decorations, party games, food, activities, party favors and much more.  All the ideas are sent in by parents and are free.

If you have some great ideas that aren’t on the Hansel and Gretel party theme page send them into the website and we will add them to the page.

One thought on “Hansel and Gretel Birthday Party Ideas

  1. My daughters birthday is in October so we picked Hanzel and gretel for its scare quality. I will dress as the witch and have cupcakes made out of body parts,cobwebs strung across brightly decorated lollipops in the yard I’m making my front door look like an oven door. lets not forget the witch ate kids we love having a scary twist to her birthdays. Thank you for some great invitation ideas!

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