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Flower Party – Flower Birthday Party Theme

Just in time for Spring!  The Birthday Party Ideas 4 Kids website has added a Flower Party Theme to their long list of Birthday Party Ideas.

The Flower Party theme is full of easy and fun – do it yourself – birthday party ideas.  You’ll find lots of different ideas so you can pick and choose which ones work for both your budget and your child.   All the party ideas are listed on one page so it’s easy to find just what you are looking for on the website.

Included in the ideas for a Flower party is a Nature Scavenger Hunt.  Complete directions, instructions and free scavenger hunt lists are available.

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  1. Hi to all the mums out there frantically trying to find an original inexpensive party idea. I have just started kids flower parties! Little girls will get to make a cute little box arrangement and a lovely headband and boys can make a box arrangement for mum and and a little seeding garden. There will be lots of ribbon and colorful paoer not to mention gorgeous fresh flowers. Prices start from $20 per child and I will entertain them for 1.5 to 2 hours. Unfortunately I only do the sydney area. Contact me by email flowers@pinkpeonyflorist.com

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