Entertainers You Can Hire For Parties

Entertainers You Can Hire For Parties

Birthday parties consist of presents, cake and some type of entertainment for the party guests.  Activities and party games are a great way to entertain guests or you can hire a professional party entertainer.

There are many different entertainers that can be hired for birthday parties.

Balloon Artist – Makes fun and creative objects from balloons.  Ask if they can make shapes that will fit the theme of your birthday party.  Great party favor for the guests to take home after the birthday party.

Caricaturist – Draw and sketch funny and exaggerated portraits of the birthday party guests.  Fun for everyone to watch and the guests can take home the picture as a party favor.

Character – Will dress up as a character to match your party theme such as Elmo, Cinderella or a pirate.

Comedian – Tells jokes and keeps the party guests entertained with his / her comedy routine.

Clown – Will entertain the party guests dressed as a clown.

DJ – Entertains the party guests and sets the mood of the party with music.

Face Painter – Paints theme related items on the party guests faces.

Magician – Brings a magic act to entertain the party guests.

Mime – Will mimic and shadow party guests without talking.

Puppet Shows – Entertain children with a puppet show.

Reptile Petting Zoo – Brings reptiles and snakes and tells the party guests about them.  Most will let the guests hold and interact with the animals.

Ventriloquist – Brings a dummy and entertains the guests with a ventriloquist act.

Many of the entertainers that you can hire for a birthday party can combine several of these services into one package.  For example a clown or entertainer dressed as a themed character could also paint faces, perform magic or twist balloons.

Most party entertainers have several different packages and prices to choose from for your party.  Ask in advance if they can incorporate your theme into the act.

For more fun party ideas, birthday party themes, party games or anything party related see the Birthday Party Ideas 4 Kids website.  Fun and free ideas for your next party.  www.birthdaypartyideas4kids.com

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