Christmas Party Games

Christmas Party Games

The best part about a Christmas party is bringing everyone at the party together for some fun games.   We’ve listed our favorite Christmas and Holiday themed games that kids love to play at parties on website.  Choose your favorites or print out the whole list for your holiday party.

You will find directions and instructions to these fun party games:

North Pole Freeze Dance
Snowball Hot Potato
Snow Share
Snow Wrap Game
Penguin Relay
Ice Fishing
Iceburg Scurry
Snowball Treasure Hunt
Snowball Stomp
Snowball Chop relay
Winter Sweep Up

And along with these fun games there are fun icebreakers and party activities like a Christmas Themed Scavenger Hunt list,  Mall Scavenger Hunts and a New Years Scavenger Hunt.

You’ll find everything you need for your Christmas party and also Winter Birthday Party Ideas on the Birthday Party Ideas 4 Kids website.


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