MineCraft Birthday Party Ideas

MineCraft Birthday Party Ideas

Birthday Party Ideas 4 Kids has just added lots of great Minecraft birthday party ideas to the website!

You’ll find fun and unique Minecraft party games, Minecraft activities, Minecraft Icebreaker games plus ideas for Minecraft theme decorations, party food, party favors and goody / loot bags!

We’ve even included a Minecraft themed Scavenger Hunt that has 30 fun Minecraft items to find.   A Scavenger Hunt is a great party game for kids of all ages.   Rules and set up instructions are included.    The Scavenger hunt list is FREE to print out.

You’ll also find set up and instructions to these Minecraft themed party games:

Mining Relay
Leaky Cup Relay
Mining for Prizes
Treasure Hunt
and more!

Birthday Party Ideas 4 Kids … helping you get the party started!

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