What to write on the Birthday Party Invitation

Now that you have your birthday party invitation picked out it’s time to fill in the blanks. 

First the easy part – what details to include in your invitation.
Date – Always include the day along with the date. 
Ex.  Saturday March 15, 2008
Time – Give the start and end times for your party. 
Ex. 1:00 – 3:00 PM
Place – Your house address or location of the party place. 
Hint – It is always good to draw a map on the back of the invitation or include one on a seperate piece of paper. 
For – Give your child’s name and how old they are going to be.
RSVP – This is always a little tricky.  Most of the time this important piece of information is overlooked and guests don’t let you know they are attending until they show up at the door.  Or you plan for 12 children and 5 show up. 
A good way around this is to add a comment like this to your invitation:
Please let us know if you are coming so we can prepare enough food.
Please call and let us know if you are attending so we can tell (name of place) how many to expect.
You can also ask guests to respond by a certain date if you need that information to plan your party. 

There will most likely be a few that will show up without calling.  Always prepare for 2  – 3 more guests then have called to tell you they will attend.

* Include your phone number and your email address in the RSVP.  Some parents are shy about calling other parents or too busy to pick up the phone, but they will take the time to email.

Also include any special information that the child needs about the party
How to dress if it is a costume party (give some examples of how they could create the look you want)
If you will be serving lunch or dinner
What type of food you will be having (this alerts any parents of possible food allergies)
What to bring (swimsuit, sleeping bag, pillow, old clothes if you are going to do a painting craft).

Sometimes parents think it is okay to send along siblings with the invited guest with or without warning.  If this hasn’t happened to you yet … just wait.  Suddenly there will be a 4 year old sister who has shown up for your tween daughters spa party and it is hard to say no when they are on the doorstep excited about the party.  To avoid this situation mention in the invitation that the party is for invited guests only. 

You can say it very tactfully.  Here are some suggestions for the invitation: 

“We are sorry, but due to the theme of the party we can not accomodate siblings”
“No siblings please”

Or you can incorporate it into your invitation and say something like :

“Your invited to Bobby’s party as one of his 7 very special guests!”

Next time …. who to invite and still be polite!

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  1. Thanks for the tips. This really helped me out when making my invitation card. I appreciate the help.

  2. thank you so much it really makes clear about RSVP… i didn’ty know to writte on this item…

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