Scavenger Hunt Ideas

Scavenger hunts are perfect for birthday parties.  They are fun, inexpensive and leave a lifetime memory for the players.  There are several types of scavenger hunts.

The neighborhood scavenger hunt is probably the best known.  Two teams set out into the neighborhood and ask for items off of a list.  The first team back with the most items wins.  We’ve just updated the scavenger hunt page on the website and have included 2 free scavenger hunt lists that can be printed off and taken around the neighborhood.  You can use the 2 different lists, or print out 2 copies of the one you like best for teams.

Mall scavenger hunts are becoming popular.  Our website has 8 different types listed – free mall scavenger hunt lists are also included.

There is also the video or digital camera scavenger hunt – teams must complete tasks around town and bring back a video or picture for proof.  The digital camera hunts are especially fun when you make a scrap book with the pictures to share.

See all the scavenger hunt ideas and how to’s on our website – Scavenger Hunt Ideas

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3 thoughts on “Scavenger Hunt Ideas

  1. I am having a birthday party tomorrow and I want to have a scavenger hunt around my neighborhood, but one of the girls I invited had the same thing that I want to have. They made a list of things to get from people’s houses and we had to go find as much as we could. I want to have the same thing but I don’t know what her response would be.

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